Olizumo Olive Oil

Olizumo Olive oil

Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Picual Olives harvested at optimal ripeness and cold-pressed. Picual olive oil is robust and intense, peppery, and with an elegant balance of aromas of green and ripe olives.

Highlighted fruitness with more prominent presence of green olives and notes of figs, dry nuts, fresh herbs, almonds and banana. Peppery and sweet flavor on the tongue with a subttle hint of biterness.

We are passionate about olive oil production and we strive to modernize and improve continuously our production process to obtain the best quality Extra Virgin Olive Oils.

Our olive trees are located on different hills in Sierra de Cazorla,
Jaén from 400 to 800 meters above sea level. Our trees are hundreds of years old and are harvested in a traditional way, Our environment has clean air and rich soils that provide the best nutrients for fruitful less pungent oils.

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