Health and Food Supplements

Chrysalis Standard & Bespoke Product offering

In House Formulation Library

  • The Following slides cover various product types, formats and best selling formulations from our product library.
  • All formulations are available for Private label and/or amendment to bespoke customer offerings.
  • Samples can be made available for review.
  • If you don’t see the product you are after please ask we have many more available.

Oral Nutritional Sprays

A significant new addition to the Uk food Supplement market, sprays offer various benefits over Solid dose formats including:-
  • It Easy to take

  • Faster and better absorption

  • Convenient to take and portable

  • Great tasting

Our full range of Oral Nutritional Sprays

Vitamin D
  • Kids Vegan Vitamin D3 10 mcg (400iu)
  • Vegan Vitamin D3 25 mcg (1000 iu)
  • Max Vegan Vitamin D3 75 mcg (3000iu)

Vitamin K2

  • 180 mcg
  • Other dosage?
Vitamin D3
  • 75 mcg and K2 75 mcg
  • Other dosage?
Vitamin B12
  • 1200mcg with Chromium and Green tea
  • Pure B12
  • B Complex
  • Multivitamin
  • Kids Multivitamin
  • Iron – 7 mg / 10 mg
  • Turmeric

Liquid Supplements – Many Options

Chrysalis have an extensive range of Liquid supplements in various packed formats. Pourable supplements include Oils, Syrups, Emulsions, Suspensions and Liposomes:-

  • Omega 3 (fish oil and Algae Omega 3)
  • Single Vitamin (Vitamin D3, B12, Vitamin C)
  • Multivitamins (Mens, Womens & Kids)
  • Calcium & Magnesium (Joint and Bone Health)
  • Lifestages (Child, Teen, Pregnancy, Active, Menopause, Senior)

Liquid Liposomals- Developed by Chrysalis

Liposomal formats offer improved bioavailability of active components, utilizing Phosphatidyl choline bilayer ingredients, our range of liquid supplements are unique and are:-
  • Non Allergen, sunflower derived technology.
  • Free of ethanol
  • Various formulations- Vitamin C 1000mg, Glutathione 400mg, B Complex, Vitamin D3, Vitamin D3 & K2.
  • Great tasting
  • Multiple pack options.

Sleep, Anxiety & Stress

Products to cover life stages from teen – retirement.

Consumer Proposition

Eye health – blue light protection
Concentration / stress
Relaxation / sleep
Energy / stimulation
1 Capsule
3 x capsules
2 x capsules
1 x capsule
Key Ingredients
Lutein, zeaxanthin
Cognivia (Sage extract)
Natural Hero ingredients
Updated Proplus style – Caffeine, theanine

On Trend: Nootropics

Nootropics are “Natural cognitive enhancers”

Focus on:

  • Brain performance. Including memory, concentration, recall, focus, and reaction time.
  • Mental health. Including reducing anxiety, stress or mood.
  • Recovery. Including sleep quality and relaxation.
Rationale for the expected trend:
  • Consumers want to know how they can support their busy lifestyles rather than change them.
  • High stress, high-pressure jobs, increased focus and awareness of mental health are contributing factors.